Architect by the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid.

Master in Integrated Project Management (Project Management). ETSAM

He began his professional activity in Madrid, collaborating with architecture and construction studios, and participating in the development of projects of great relevance, such as the Reform of the University Clinical Hospital of Madrid or the Puro Beach Hotel in Mallorca.

In 2001 he moved to Málaga to collaborate with other local architecture studios and with the consulting firm URBACONSULT S.A.

From that year until 2018 he has been responsible for the Department of Building and Urban Planning of said company and has participated in a large number of transport infrastructure projects, urban planning and execution of urbanizations and buildings.

He has been co-editor, among other projects, with Salvador Moreno Peralta, of the Partial Plan and of the Urbanization Project of the I Phase of the Extension of the PTA of Malaga.

He has participated in various architectural and urban planning competitions, being a member of the team awarded the Third Prize in the International Competition for the New Centrality of Valladolid, convened in 2003 by the said city council.

With the ARKUM brand, of which it is a proprietary partner, it proposes to create a multidisciplinary workshop at the service of public administrations, promoters and private clients for the development of building projects of any type, with high levels of energy efficiency and contemporary design, under premises. of effectiveness in the control of costs, deadlines and quality of the work to be executed.



Interior Designer by the School of Plastic Arts and Design San Telmo de Málaga.

He has developed a large part of his professional career in commercial work and interior design for prestigious firms on the Costa del Sol. This has allowed him to acquire a great knowledge not only of the needs of customers, but a constant formation of trends and technical innovations of the sector.

He has participated in numerous reform and rehabilitation projects, especially housing and commercial premises, contributing his knowledge and personal style adapted to the demands of many different clients.

In ARKUM she is responsible for the interior design area and provides a functional and aesthetic vision to the team’s projects.


Amaya Cardoso Latorre


                        Eugenia Álvarez Blanch                                     Arquitect


                        Enriquez Bravo Lanzac                                      Arquitect


                        ARCS estudio y servicios técnicos, SL.              Engineering


                        Genista, S.L.                                                        Environment


                        Netblue  Engineering                                           Installations


                        Luis Nogués                                                       Installations


                        Lynka                                                                  Installtions   


                        Agustín Doblas                                                   Structures


                        BATCh Architecture for the Smart City             Madrid

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